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Who We Are

Phoenix RDS was born when the six founders came together to combine their wide-ranging experience in the upstream energy sector. The DNA of the company is to be dynamic and innovative in our approach to doing business. We want to think differently, manage the unmanageable and find better ways of doing things.


Phoenix RDS is a specialist upstream oil and gas, subsurface consultancy, providing a full range of subject matter expertise. Through immersion in technology, innovation and fundamental engineering practices we develop and deliver optimised reservoir solutions for full life cycle of oil and gas developments.


Our leadership team has extensive combined experience in the oil and gas industry with operator and service companies. Together the team have developed a number of products and solutions designed to address the challenges of the oil and gas sector in the 21st century and deliver real value to our customers and partners.


We deliver exceptional services through a strong network of business partners and by ensuring financial viability. We provide a place where new technologies, innovations and novel work flows can be developed and used to improve the recovery factors of natural resources.

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