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Waterflood Optimisation

Waterflood Optimisation Through Advanced Data Analytics

The key to optimising oil recovery and determining production potential of waterflooded fields is through reservoir surveillance.​

The Challenges


One of the key challenges of reservoir management is pinpointing the source of excess water or EOR fluids in production wells​


The Solution


Waterflood optimisation workflow communication analysis uses production data to quickly identify reservoir flow pathways between wells


The Analysis


  • The analysis uses flow energy fluctuations and similarities in the injectors and producers production history along with PLT, perforation etc. to determine communication

  • The analysis translates into directional and magnitude rose map plots on a well location map

  • The rose map enables quick determination of injector flow patterns, injector and producer short-circuits and the magnitude of connections between injectors and producers

The Benefits


  • Very quick method to select wells which require reservoir flow conformance treatments

  • Helps to identify infill drilling targets

  • Identify high permeability layers and independent of initial geological work

  • Very visual and easy to communicate across all subsurface disciplines​

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