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Drilling Optimisation

Reservoir Surveillance

Time is Money

Non Productive Time is estimated to be

15 - 40% of the drilling and completion cost.

Phoenix RDS offer a drilling optimisation service based on extensive in-depth theoretical knowledge backed up with decades of practical field experience.


This service combines the benefits of full independence, objectivity, flexibility & an extensive sectoral knowledge. 

Evergreen Reservoir Model

Risk Reduction – Key to Success

Take measures to reduce the frequency and/or severity of losses

Phoenix RDS can help reduce the risk of going over budget by identifying the causes of NPT and ILT (Invisible Lost Time).

Once these are known they can be reduced or removed from the project.

Reservoir Surveillance

How do we Reduce Risk

Identify the causes of NPT and ILT

•Holistic, independent analysis of offset wells

•Benchmark past and current performance

•Model optimised performance

•Identify potential hazards and risks

Reduce or remove them from the project

•Recommend corrective actions

•Revise well design

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