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Core Values

Phoenix RDS Core Values


We are not only a team of experts, we strive to be an expert team. People are at the heart of what we do. We are committed to development and enabling a creative working environment. We seek to bring maximum value to our clients, partners and employees by ensuring our services result in enduring partnerships.


Respect and Integrity

We express PRIDE in what we do by adhering to the principles of Participation, Respect, Integrity, Diversity and Excellence. We respect our clients and partners by delivering work to the highest standards and furthermore aim to exceed expectations and be recognized as best in class. We express integrity by operating independently and ethically. We believe in the diversity and individuality of our team and are respectful and inclusive of all stakeholder opinions.


Learn, Educate and Innovate

We seek to embrace and deliver change through searching for and sharing ideas across our business.  We encourage our people to challenge established practices, think differently and produce optimised results through continuous improvement. We take the time to understand the changing needs of our clients and partners and are committed to providing forward thinking, technical and commercial solutions.

Win-Win Partnerships

We foster strategic and sustainable alliances with innovative organisations that share our values and complement our business. Through partnership, we aim to support the delivery of best in class products and services and produce optimum and compelling value for all stakeholders. We deliver on this by taking the time to understand our client and partner needs and seek to provide unsurpassed support.

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