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Rory Somerset

Managing Director

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Rory is a Petroleum Engineer specialising in drilling and completion fluids. He has 21 years’ global oil industry experience, having started his career with Baker Hughes where he held numerous positions including operational, business development and marketing, business management, supervisory and leadership roles.

Rory has an extensive theoretical knowledge and practical experience of HTHP, ERD, gas storage, CTD, deep water, MPD and Well P&A. He is a wellbore fluids expert with an in-depth understanding of fluid/ rock interactions for drilling & production optimisation and a broad understanding of well design, project management and cost control.

Heikki Jutila

Technical Director

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Heikki is a Petroleum Reservoir Engineer with extensive experience in the Upstream Oil and Gas Industry. He has 35 years experience in all aspects of petroleum engineering from the well-site to managing complex integrated subsurface studies. He has developed innovative workflows for value quantification. Heikki specialises in leading innovation teams, uncertainty quantification, optimization under uncertainty and simulation of complex reservoirs. He is a technical expert in reservoir engineering both classical and numerical, oil and gas economics evaluation and uncertainty quantification.

Luis Perri

Senior Associate Production Technologist

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Luis is a Petroleum Engineer specialised  in Production Technology and Reservoir Engineering with 14 years’ experience in the Oil & Gas Industry. He has broad experience in different type of fields such as conventional oil and gas, heavy oil, oil, condensate and gas fields. His  expertise covers operations, asset development as well as leading high profile projects, spanning from major to marginal fields in different stages of development and within various producing regions. 

Roman Mirzwinski

Senior Associate Geoscientist

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Roman is a senior geoscientist with over 35 years petroleum industry experience encompassing offshore engineering including wireline logging, onshore quality assurance & data management. His specialities include petrophysical log analysis and interpretation of both open and cased hole datasets. He has a thorough understanding of full Geoscience solutions encompassing both reservoir evaluation and well integrity studies from working across both single and multi-well projects. Interests include both open hole petrophysical evaluations with advanced NMR / acoustics to cased hole reservoir monitoring.

Yoseph Ghezai

Senior Associate Geoscientist

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Yoseph Ghezai is a Senior geoscience advisor with over 30 years petroleum industry experience encompassing offshore engineering including well testing, directional drilling and onshore quality assurance (ISO 9000). His experience includes data management, petrophysical log analysis processing and interpretation of well data both open and cased hole. He has a thorough understanding of full Geoscience solution, drilling, production, Reservoir evaluation, P&A operation, well and casing integrity from working across various continents on various projects. 

Stuart Rodgers

Senior Associate Drilling Engineer

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Stuart is as a Drilling Engineer working in Petroleum industry since 1980. His roles include, Wellsite Drilling Engineer, Drilling Supervisor, Operations Drilling Engineer, Principal Drilling Engineer, & Drilling Package Manager.

Global experience including UKCS, UK Land, West Africa on Deep Water Drilling units, Land rigs & Swamp Barges, Far East on tender Assisted Drilling, Semi subs, Jack Ups, Land rigs, Middle East (Land rigs, Jack Ups, Platforms), India (Jack Ups).

His experience in well types includes Hydrocarbon - ERD, Horizontal, Depleted, complex high Dogleg severity, Gas Storage, HTHP, HTHP with MPD, Deep Water. Also, CCS (Carbon Capture & Storage) and Geothermal.


Sumon Bhattacharyya

Associate Chartered Geologist and Certified Petroleum Geologist

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26 years of experience in Geological and Geophysical interpretation and integration, Geological Modelling, Reserves and Resource audits, Unitization, Integrated Field Studies, Field Development Studies and Seismic to Simulation workflows.

Peter Salisbury

Senior associate Reservoir / petroleum Engineer

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Peter is a Petroleum Engineer with with proven abilities in field performance evaluation, reservoir surveillance, mature asset evaluation including ranking/screening of reservoirs, infill well/workover proposals, waterflood & well offtake optimization. Integrated reservoir management plans and well performance model updates. 

Risk/uncertainty analysis.

 Reserves & Resources (PRMS), logging/sampling/well test planning, horizontal well optimization, gas-lift and ESP design, stimulation design/optimization (multi-stage fracs), IOR/EOR screening, new technology applications. Comprehensive experience of working on international assets (oil, gas and retrograde gas condensate fields and both ‘green’ fields and mature ‘brown’ fields).

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